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December 8, 2008

Oracle RAC-stop crs autostart on one node

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One of the RAC node vanpgprodb05 always has some system level issue and every time when we reboot the machine the crs on that machine gets restart automatically. We don’t want that happen during the time when we are fixing it. So temporarily disable the crs autostart on that node is necessary.

***Related document on metalink:
Oracle notes: Note:298073.1

The CRS profiles for these resources must be modified for the new CRS behavior
to take effect for all RAC databases installed on the cluster. If, however,
the affect of the change is to be limited to a subset of installed databases,
the list of resources needs to be filtered further. (The rest of this section
should be skipped if the new CRS behavior is to be in effect for all databases
installed on the cluster.)
Please note that since more than one database may be installed on a cluster,
to modify the level of protection for a particular database, one must identify
the resources that represent entities of this database. This may be easily
accomplished since the names of the resources belonging to the above- stated
types always start with ora.. For instance, ora.linux.db
means that the resource belongs to the database named linux. Only resources of
the above-enumerated types that belong to the selected databases will need to
have their profiles modified.
Please note that Oracle strongly discourages any modifications made to CRS
profiles for any resources starting with . Never make any modifications to
CRS profiles for resources but the ones explicitly described below in
this document.

To modify a profile attribute for a resource, the following steps must be
1.Generate the resource profile file by issuing the following command:
crs_stat -p resource_name > $CRS_HOME/crs/public/resource_name.cap

2.Update desired attributes by editing the file created in step 1.

3.Commit the updates made as a part of the previous step by issuing the
following command
crs_register -u resource_name

4. Verify the updates have been committed by issuing the following command
crs_stat -p resource_name

For each of the resources identified as a part of the preceding section, the
following modifications must be made:
1.Resources of type inst must have the following attributes modified
AUTO_START must be set to 2
RESTART_ATTEMPTS must be set to 0 or 1. The former value will prevent
CRS from attempting to restart a failed instance at all while the latter
will grant it a single attempt; if this only attempt is unsuccessful,
CRS will leave the instance as is.
2.Resources of type db, srv, cs must have the following attributes modified
AUTO_START must be set to 2

***Practice steps:
1. Objective: to disable the crs autostart on node vanpgprodb05
2. catch all the resources profile on vanpgprodb05
1). from vanpgprodb01 (at that time the vanpgrpodb05 is down), run these catch commands
$crs_stat -p ora.p10c.p10c5.inst>$CRS_HOME/crs/public/ora.p10c.p10c5.inst.cap
$crs_stat -p ora.vanpgprodb05.ASM3.asm>$CRS_HOME/crs/public/ora.vanpgprodb05.ASM3.asm.cap
$crs_stat -p ora.vanpgprodb05.gsd>$CRS_HOME/crs/public/ora.vanpgprodb05.gsd.cap
$crs_stat -p ora.vanpgprodb05.LISTENER_VANPGPRODB05.lsnr>$CRS_HOME/crs/public/ora.vanpgprodb05.LISTENER_VANPGPRODB05.lsnr.cap
$crs_stat -p ora.vanpgprodb05.ons>$CRS_HOME/crs/public/ora.vanpgprodb05.ons.cap
$crs_stat -p ora.vanpgprodb05.vip>$CRS_HOME/crs/public/ora.vanpgprodb05.vip.cap

2). editing these .cap files, change parameter autostart=2 (not autostart).

3). crs_register -u resource_name
$crs_register -u ora.p10c.p10c5.inst
$crs_register -u ora.vanpgprodb05.ASM3.asm
$crs_register -u ora.vanpgprodb05.gsd
$crs_register -u ora.vanpgprodb05.LISTENER_VANPGPRODB05.lsnr

4). use crs_stat -p resource_name to verify the parameter has been changed
crs_stat -p|grep AUTO_START=2 -B 7

5). reboot the node vanpgprodb05 now, after reboot
[oracle@vanpgprodb01 public]$ crs_stat -t
Name Type Target State Host
ora.p10c.db application ONLINE ONLINE vanp…db02
ora….c1.inst application ONLINE ONLINE vanp…db01
ora….c2.inst application ONLINE ONLINE vanp…db02
ora….c5.inst application OFFLINE OFFLINE
ora….SM1.asm application ONLINE ONLINE vanp…db01
ora….01.lsnr application ONLINE ONLINE vanp…db01
ora….b01.gsd application ONLINE ONLINE vanp…db01
ora….b01.ons application ONLINE ONLINE vanp…db01
ora….b01.vip application ONLINE ONLINE vanp…db01
ora….SM2.asm application ONLINE ONLINE vanp…db02
ora….02.lsnr application ONLINE ONLINE vanp…db02
ora….b02.gsd application ONLINE ONLINE vanp…db02
ora….b02.ons application ONLINE ONLINE vanp…db02
ora….b02.vip application ONLINE ONLINE vanp…db02
ora….SM3.asm application OFFLINE OFFLINE
ora….05.lsnr application OFFLINE OFFLINE
ora….b05.gsd application OFFLINE OFFLINE
ora….b05.ons application ONLINE ONLINE vanp…db05
ora….b05.vip application ONLINE ONLINE vanp…db05

Note: for ONS, the autostart is “AUTO_START=always”, and you can’t take vip off

6). the disabling works! don’t forget the change the autostart back when problem gets resolved. repeat steps 2)-4)

Adds-on: if you want to stop the autostart for css daemon either, then do this:
/etc/init.d/init.cssd stop

If you want to stop it from autostarting after bootup;
[root@vanpgprodb06 rc3.d]# /etc/init.d/init.crs disable
Automatic startup disabled for system boot.


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  2. i could not find this note in the new metalink knowledge base. which version of RAC is this procedure for?

    Comment by vinay — March 2, 2010 @ 8:58 am

    • unfortunately, i can’t find this note on new metalink either.

      Comment by Jeff — April 20, 2010 @ 1:48 pm

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