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April 12, 2012

Set Oracle SGA > 256GB

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I had a installation request for installing Oracle 11gR2 on a 2TB memory server. The installation failed on DBCA with complains about can’t reach shared memory.

Check the metalink didn’t find any solution. My colleague told me he was having the same issue before. Oracle told him to set SGA less than 256 GB as a “workaround”.

I followed “workaround” and continued my installation. Later I did some research and I found this:



Checking the swap and the kernel parameters, everything was adjusted as per recommended by oracle, investigating the issue further, seems that This is caused by the prelink command. It calculates shared library load addresses, and updates the shared libraries with them. Simplest thing to do is to undo what prelink did, and disable it.
prelink -ua
sed -i ‘s/PRELINKING=yes/PRELINKING=no/’ /etc/sysconfig/prelink


From: https://support.oracle.com/CSP/ui/flash.html#tab=KBHome%28page=KBHome&id=%28%29%29,%28page=KBNavigator&id=%28bmDocTitle=Why%20not%20able%20to%20allocate%20a%20more%20SGA%20than%20193G%20on%20Linux%2064?&from=BOOKMARK&bmDocType=HOWTO&bmDocID=1241284.1&viewingMode=1143&bmDocDsrc=KB%29%29

Doc ID: 1241284.1

I haven’t tried it yet. anyone is having the same problem can give a try and let me know.

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