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July 29, 2009

MS SQL Server 2005 alias doesn’t work on 64bit platform

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we recently upgraded our 1 cluster from 32bit platform to 64bit platform.
In order to launch the replication monitor we have to use sql alias name which has been set up on “sql server configuration Manager” -> “sql native client configuration ” -> “alias”.

for 32bit sql client, there is only one option to set up alias. so from 32bit client to connect to 64bit server by using alias, not a problem!

However, if you like me are using 64bit sql client, and happen to set up the alias under “sql server configuration Manager” -> “sql native client configuration ” – “alias”, you will fail to connect to the server by using this alias.
The right spot you setup the alias should be “sql server configuration Manager” -> “sql native client configuration(32bit) ” – “alias”.

i have no idea why on 64bit client you still need to use 32bit client configuration for alias connection. But that is bloody truth:)

Note: if you are using sql server 2005 cluster then you have to keep the same alias in both of 32bit and 64bit client configuration. Otherwise, by missing alias in the 64bit one, you will get trouble with all the jobs and logs

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